The programmes at LifeSkills are very useful as the help to improve on English, Maths and ICT. If you enter the course with D grades, you may possibly leave with C+ grades. LifeSkills also help to improve key skills like communication and teamwork.

Stacey - 17 Years Old

If you are looking to find a course that will help you get a Job or an Apprenticeship, the Customer Service programmes is ideal as it is something needed in most jobs and will help to bulid your CV. The Customer Service course has helped me to build on my confidence and my communication skills by being in a class with other students and doing things as a team.

Billi - 16 Years Old

If you have not had good grades at School, LifeSkills gives you a second opportunity and you can get all the grades you need for the job you want

Taylor - 17 Years Old

LifeSkills’ programmes are a good way for you to achieve qualifications in any subjects you like. Also joiningย  a course gives you the opportunity to strive and succeed in the future.

Ricki - 17 Years Old

I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Customer Service, to join a LifeSkills Customer Service programme. It has boosted my confidence when communicating with people and it has allowed me to meet new faces. The work is straight forward and I have learnt a wide range of different things to do with Customer Service. You also get the chance to put your skills that you have learnt into action with a bit of work experience on the main reception. It’s a brilliant way of being prepared for any job.

Kerry - 17 Years Old

I have really enjoyed my time at LifeSkills. I have met some awesome people that I get along with really well and all the tutors are great, and Jackie is cool as well ๐Ÿ™‚
I have learnt a lot from doing this course and had some great fun

David - 17 years old

LifeSkills is a fun welcoming place to come. I enjoy the Nail & Beauty course I am on. The tutors and other learners are great. I’ve mad awesome friends ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve gained my level 2’s and it has prepared me to return to college

Charlotte - 17 years old

I found LifeSkills very helpful and would recommend this to everyone. They built up my qualifications and found me an Apprenticeship in civil engineering. Many thanks to LifeSkills.

Liam - 16 years old

My confidence has improved. All members of staff have given me great support in finishing my work. My fellow learners are also nice and helpful! I really enjoy attending LifeSkills and couldn’t thank them enough.

Andrew - 16 Years Old

LifeSkills has offered me the chance to gain qualifications to help further my career. All the staff are great and helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan - 17 years old