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The campaign, run in conjunction with apprenticeship organization LifeSkills, spurred 71 local companies to create 101 new positions in the Basildon area alone and recruited 144 young people into apprenticeships.

Our front page launch story caught the eye of Basildon Council leader Tony Ball, who pledged the council's support for the campaign. The authority introduced LifeSkills to local companies and created 17 positions of its own. It has already taken on seven modern apprentices and six business apprentices. It will hire four more modern apprentices by the end of the year.

Cllr Ball said: “When I saw the campaign, I knew how important it was. I am delighted by the overwhelming success and glad the council has been a part of something so positive for the community. Apprenticeships are very important to create an enthusiastic workforce and give young people opportunities.”

LifeSkills operations director Leon Bernasconi thanked the YA for helping to forge a relationship between the company and Basildon Council.
He said: “With the fantastic support provided by the Yellow Advertiser and council leader Tony Ball we have had 101 new apprenticeship places in 71 different employers, created since starting the 100 apprentices in 100 days campaign. This is in the Basildon area alone.”

Case Study: Becca Ingledew
A BASILDON teen said taking on an apprenticeship had changed her life. Becca Ingledew, 17, accepted a business and administration position at Bubble and Kick Racing, on the Burnt Mills estate.
Her work at the company, which prepares cars for races, has already taken her to Barcelona and will soon see her jet to Dubai.

Her role has also unexpectedly seen her learning mechanical skills on the shop floor. She joked: “I wasn't really interested in cars before at all, but now I've got a real passion. I can change a wheel in seconds.”
The teen, who studied at Woodlands School, said she liked the 'hands-on' approach of apprenticeships. She said: “I just didn't really like the idea of a classroom. To me, it was very patronising. You get so much more out of hands-on experience than just writing down on a bit of paper.”

She praised LifeSkills: “They were the best of all the apprenticeship companies. There were loads of jobs on there and they brought you in for an interview before you went for the job interview.”
She added: “I'm going to be a mechanic now. I've decided.”

“For any company considering investing in an Apprentice I would recommend the services of LifeSkills for efficient placement of candidates who are eager and fit for purpose. Although lacking in experience, (as you would expect) the young people we have welcomed into the business over the last 3+ years have turned out to be hardworking, great learners and keen to impress. Attitude is everything as they say and if you can hire that, then it’s a great start! Thank you Hadleigh and the team for your support in helping our business invest in future talent.”

Maria Elliott, HR Manager
Maher Limited

Maria Elliott