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Council backs YA campaign

BASILDON Council has pledged its support for a YA campaign to put 100 young people into apprenticeships in 100 days.
Council leader Tony Ball said he was 'delighted' to back the campaign, which was launched on the YA's front page last week.
In partnership with Essex group LifeSkills, the YA will team up 100 16 to 18-year-olds with local businesses.
Apprentices can receive £100-a-week, with jobs available in business admin, hospitality, customer services, retail and warehousing.
All courses also include English and maths qualifications and LifeSkills can cater to applicants of all abilities.
The organisation urged businesses to sign up now before school leavers flooded the market in July.
Businesses interview potential apprentices and make their own final decision on who gets the job.
Cllr Ball vowed that Basildon Council would do everything it could to support the scheme.
He said: "We are delighted to back this great campaign from the YA.
"Offering apprenticeships fits in with our vision to create opportunity for local people and I really hope that many of these positions are offered in Basildon.
"The council not only offers apprenticeships as an employer itself, but we use our influence as much as we can to encourage local businesses to offer them too."
Mr Ball said the council would work with the YA in the coming weeks to find ways to work together on the campaign.
Leon Bernasconi, Lifeskills operations director, said: "This would have a great impact on local youth unemployment figures and also kick start a new wave of educated and talented young people in local businesses to ensure future economy growth in our area.
"We need as many local employers and as many applicants as possible to make this happen and believe that together we can make 2013 the start of our climb out of this 'Lost Generation'."
A total of 87per cent of LifeSkills apprentices achieve their full apprenticeship, higher than the national rate. LifeSkills are interested to hear from young people in Year 11 of their education.
Firms with less than 250 staff taking on a first apprentice will receive a government grant of £1,500. They will also be supported, free of charge, by Lifeskills for the first year.
Mr Bernasconi added: "Recruitment agencies charge for this service, at LifeSkills the recruitment of the best candidate for the employer is provided free of charge.
"There is myth that all young people now in Year 11 must stay at school for an extra year. An apprenticeship is encouraged as a different option to staying on at school".
YA editor Mick Ferris said that getting more young people into work while helping them achieve academic qualifications was a campaign his newspaper was proud to be a part of.
He said: "I grew up in an era when apprenticeships were not just an integral part of a young person's career development, but also vital to local economies and the growth of
our industries.
"The world is a very different place today, but the principles of learning a trade through vocational experience are still relevant today, and I'm glad that communities are increasingly coming together to give our youngsters more options in the jobs market."
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