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Another award for LifeSkills

LifeSkills achieved the revised Matrix award in December 2011. The Assessor was delighted with how we met the new and more stringent standard. Some of the comments from the report are detailed below:

From the Assessor

"There are a number of areas of strength and good practice"
"There is a clear commitment by the staff to provide a quality service to their learners and employers"
"Learners and staff continue to be consistently positive about LifeSkills"
"Good team spirit throughout the company"
"Learners and staff continued to be consistently positive about LifeSkills"
"Effective links have been made with partnerships and networks" -
"It is notable that all of the suggestions for development from 2008 have been addressed"
"The service is fundamentally sound"
"Staff delivering a high quality service has been evidenced"

From the Staff:

"We want to provide them with the best chance to achieve their goals"
"We also want to exceed their expectations”
"We can easily demonstrate how important it is to us that we take account of diversity in all that we do"
“One of the best things about LifeSkills is their willingness to invest in their staff”
"Unusual for staff to be recruited without opportunities being given to present staff first of all"
“LifeSkills is a passion – it is not a job but a way of life”
“I can’t think of many organisations where you are given your birthday as a day off!"
"It is an excellent company to work for and I just cannot imagine working anywhere else!”

From the Learners:
"Learners spoke of the assurances they had been given about confidentiality"
“ The website is fun and vibrant with a cool message”
"It is a great confidence builder that enables you to experience what it would be like to talk to groups of people"
"The introduction of the SMART Boards is brilliant"
"Tutors are always providing interactive learning"

From the Employers:
"An excellent organisation to work with for learning and development"
“LifeSkills are quick to help us to support an Apprentice”

From the Partners:
“We only work with quality training providers and LifeSkills are a clear example of what we mean by that"
"Strong on quality and compliance"
"Passion that LifeSkills put into service delivery"
"A learner knows that they can expect lifetime support should they require it"
"Solid foundation that LifeSkills enables Learners to build”

Managing Director Spencer Fearn stated “ we are extremely pleased to have received the Matrix accreditation, which is a testament to the great work we do for all of our stakeholders”.

“I was never too good at school work but this course showed me something I am good at. As well as finding out what I want to do, they've shown me how I can improve my chances with a proper CV and gave me an idea of what goes on in an interview.”