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LifeSkills - leaders in the Mobile revolution

LifeSkills - leaders in the Mobile revolution

As internet usage on smart phones is beginning to rival usage on desktop PCs we thought it was time to jump on board the mobile revolution.

So, naturally we decided we'd be one of the first Learning Providers to provide a smartphone optimised website so you still get all the awesome bits of info but at super slick speed and convenience.

Managing Director Spencer Fearn added "Mobile phones are significantly changing the way we view the web. We have to follow these trends and react to our target audience's behaviour otherwise we simply fall off the radar of the youngsters who need our help. Hopefully, by being proactive we cover all eventualities and in doing so have become even more accessible than before."

If you'd like to experience the site for yourself just type in on your smartphone and tap away.

“I never knew there were so many career options in beauty. When I finish the course I want to get a full-time job in a salon but get involved in shows and competitions and stuff too.”